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What's up fellow MTB riders! "Crazy Chris" here from Redding, CA and welcome to MTB Crank Addict. If you have stumbled across this website then you too are an MTB enthusiast like myself. Hit me up and let's go for an MTB ride today. MTB Crank Addict was started so I share my MTB adventures with other like-minded folks. I should've started this channel years ago when I started to use my GoPro on rides. Centralized in Redding CA, I live close to Whiskeytown National Forrest, home of the annual MTB race"Lemurian Shasta Classic". It's about a 20 min drive from my house and has a lot of challenging trails for all levels of MTBrs. At least that is where I really started to ride MTB progressively anyways. 22 years ago, I remember a coworker had an MTB for $500 and I jumped on the opportunity.

Plan out a weekend of mountain biking in Redding California

August 29, 2018 Off

Mountain biking in Redding California is spectacular. There is a ton of trails to ride in several different areas. We have the Swasey Recreation Area, Whiskeytown Recreation Area, westside trails and Keswick trails. All these Redding bike trails are easily accessible from downtown or from my place. My typical ride would start with a little…

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I am Crazy Chris and Redding bike trails are endless | Redding CA

August 18, 2018 Off

22 years ago I asked myself, “does Redding CA have any bike trails for me to ride? You see, I just got job transfer to the Redding CA area from Rohnert Park and I did a little mountain bike riding there, mostly “Annadel Park”in Santa Rosa. Anyways, once I settled in after the move, I…

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Enticer Trail, MTB Redding CA | MTB Crank Addict

May 26, 2018 Off

In this video I am at my favorite place”Swasey Rec Area”, riding the “Enticer” trail. Little did I know what was around the next turn. Hear the sirens? When you decide to try it “one more time” wasn’t a good idea. I fractured my left scapula. Wierd. Please follow and like us:

By chris